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 2023 Cohort

PrediMed Logo.png

PrediMed is a software platform that personalizes the medical procedure in children undergoing MRI scans with the goal of eliminating unnecessary anesthesia. We revolutionize the current MRI cycle of care by understanding the patient’s personal characteristics and preferences to predict whether the specific child can undergo an awake MRI scan and recommending the optimal solution for that child. We further increase the chances of a successful scan by using generative AI to create tailored digital content that synchronizes to the MRI sequence without interrupting or disrupting the clinical staff workflow. Lastly, we continuously update and improve our algorithms using feedback from the families and the clinical staff to provide higher accuracy and improve the quality of care.

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Calodar tracks inpatients food intake providing on-time diagnosis and alerts for cases of hospital malnutrition. We introduce a first of its kind DSS which prioritizes patients in need of nutritional support during hospitalization, based on automatic tracking and analysis of inpatients food intake. Since manual food intake tracking is tedious and time consuming, it is not conducted at aspired rates. Calodar provides an AI powered nutritional scanning solution, embedded in the hospitals workflow.

RespirAI Logo.jpg

RespirAI Medical is revolutionizing chronic respiratory disease management with our innovative home monitoring, AI-based, platform. Our mission is to empower patients and care providers in effectively managing chronic health conditions. By combining non-intrusive sensors for capturing basic physiological parameters, a patented AI-based algorithm for analysis the status of the disease and early detect of exacerbations, and a user-friendly application for delivering insights and alerts, our platform provides comprehensive disease monitoring, early exacerbation detection, and support the creation of personalized treatment plans. Our initial focus is on managing patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), where our platform aims to significantly improve patients' outcomes, saving lives and reducing the burden on healthcare systems.


"See behind the walls" and Assistance for Radiologists in Mammography Analysis: Collaborating with The Sheba Medical Center and ARC (one of the 10 bests hospitals in the world), MICA leverages cutting edge Machine Vision Technology to create unparalleled software for the early detection of breast cancer. MICA is already approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health as a commercial platform and has submitted an application to the US FDA (Class 2 - 510k) for clearance as the first ever AI for CEM. MICA's mission is to provide advanced AI technology that turn 2D of mid-high tissue density image to ACEM, reduces the doze of contrast agent and assist radiologists manage their workload in an efficient, accurate and safe manner in light of the growing rate and complexity of reading mammograms.

Reflect Logo.png

Reflect is revolutionizing mental health by bringing biofeedback therapy to the home. Our mission is to empower all humans to self-regulate and eliminate anxiety and stress in a personalized, self-service, clinic-grade experience through the Reflect Orb, an award-winning physical product, and the Reflect app. Together, the Reflect experience is a safe, drug free way for emotion-regulation used by consumers and mental health professionals alike.


ThermoMind is a cutting-edge technology company that is revolutionizing the healthcare industry by offering advanced thermal imaging solutions.
Using the latest in thermal sensing technology and artificial intelligence, the company is dedicated to providing highly accurate and reliable imaging technologies that can help doctors and medical professionals make more informed decisions about patient care. The company develops medical devices with customized, highly sensitive thermal sensing hardware and combines with sophisticated AI system to analyze thermal data and identify potential health issues in patients.
The current target of the company is transforming the way breast cancer is detected and diagnosed, by a next-generation non-contact and radiation-free screening modality for breast cancer detection. The core of the technology is the advanced AI analysis which is set to identify metabolic abnormalities within the breast indicating breast cancer.

Imma _Logo entier.png

IMMA Health, a women-led venture, is an innovative medical device and AI-powered image analysis company focused on developing an innovative comprehensive solution for an at-home transvaginal ultrasound automated self-scanning system in women's health. Our first vertical is IVF. IMMA brings two significant revolutions: Enables women to take control of their IVF journey by performing their own intra-vaginal scans from home, shifting the paradigm from a clinic-centric approach to a women-patient-centric experience; Transforms IVF monitoring from passive to active and continuous monitoring, based on a robust data set and individualized at the follicle level: this significantly impacts the quality of the women's gamete cohort, improving IVF success rates. Ultrasound as data is the next frontier.

SimHawk Logo - JPEG.jpg

The next-gen ultrasound telemedicine cloud-base platform that allows analysis of real-life cases leveraging machine learning capabilities for a reliable-AI and cost-effective ultrasound diagnostic solutions.

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