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If you are a deep-tech, software-oriented startup or a medical device company with a significant software element, aiming to solve a major need within the healthcare ecosystem - contact us!


Moving the center of gravity away from the Hospital, becoming more centered around the Patient’s Community and home:

Remote diagnostics, monitoring and treatment. Advantages include decreasing the expertise needed from the medical staff and the need for heavy/ expensive/ large equipment.


Aging Society

Dedicated healthcare and wellness for the elderly. Nursing home digital tools. Neurodegenerative diseases. Etc.


Health Systems Management

Patient and medical staff management, increasing the economic stability of healthcare providers. Decrease in time from first contact to diagnosis and providing of treatment.


Public health

Mitigating and preventing infectious diseases in public buildings, workspaces, residential buildings. Mass diagnostics. Correct use of medicines including dosage, timing, side effects, alternative generic drugs. Etc.


Animal health

Livestock, Poultry, Pets, Etc.


Cyber security

Increased protection of digital health platforms and data from cyber threats

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