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Program Alumni 2022


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Smart Fitness and Rehabilitation Tools.

bo&bo specializes in developing simple and accessible fitness and rehabilitation tools. By turning traditional training products into wireless, integrative, smart training platforms, bo&bo helps motivate people to stick with their training programs, making workouts more challenging, engaging, and fun.


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Voice-based Markers for Large-scale Monitoring and Screening of Heart Rhythm Disorders.

Cardiokol is a privately-owned digital telehealth company that develops voice-based markers and methods for monitoring and screening heart rhythm disorders in large at-risk populations. The company utilizes proprietary technology that is implemented in speech platforms such as landlines, smartphones, smart speakers, and voice assistants. Cardiokol offers low-cost, long-term, and user-friendly monitoring solutions, applicable for monitoring at-risk populations of older adults (65+).



Digital Pharmacist Platform for Advice on OTC Medications.

ApoWiser is the developer of PharmAssist, an advanced intuitive digital pharmacist counseling platform that interacts with patients wishing to treat themselves for minor ailments with over-the-counter medications. 

The platform provides personal on-demand assistance 24/7 for online selection and purchase of over-the-counter medication. 



Vision-training Software for Improving Eyesight.

RevitalVision is developing a clinically and scientifically proven vision-training software program designed specifically for adult amblyopia, eye diseases, and vision impairments. The non-surgical, FDA-approved technology enhances eyesight neurologically, with claimed efficacy in improving vision in cases of adult amblyopia, which affects 2%-5% of the world’s population. 

Sequel.Care Health

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Evidence-based Mental Health Platform.

Sequel.Care provides healthcare providers, patients, and peers with virtual, collaborative, evidence-based therapy, enabling proactive treatment to manage and track patients' recovery. The company's solution integrates clinicians, psychiatrists, therapists, peers, family, friends, and the patients themselves around a unified treatment plan. The technology collects data signals from caregivers, the person's smartphone, and wearable sensors. The data is then translated into actionable insights, facilitating the right treatment at the right time. 


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Smart Diagnostics Solutions.

Sanolla develops medical diagnosis and patient monitoring solutions using patented AI-based infrasound auscultation technology. Sanolla's products include the VoqX smart stethoscope and the PyXy home monitoring device for chronic disease management and early exacerbation detection. Leveraging both audible and infrasound body acoustics, Sanolla's AI algorithms provide disease classification for many cardiopulmonary diseases, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pneumonia, asthma, congestive heart failure, and cardiac morbidities. 



Artificial Pharmacology Intelligence Platform.

MDI Health has developed an artificial pharmacology intelligence platform capable of performing multi-dimensional context-based analyses of thousands of pharmacological and patient-specific parameters to autonomously optimize personal medication regimens across the entire population. The company's powerful artificial intelligence is used by payers and value-based providers to identify high-risk patients for adverse drug events, make changes to reduce those risks in real-time, and execute those recommendations, ultimately reducing total costs of care and improving quality. 



Precision Genomic Artificial Intelligence for Polygenic Diseases.

OpenDNA is developing an AI platform that combines clinical and genomic data analysis for polygenic diseases. The platform allows healthcare providers and payers to easily apply genomic precision medicine and population genomics approaches. OpenDNA's first focus is hypertension. The company is extending the platform to other chronic disease states such as diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, cardiometabolic states, and neurologic and psychiatric conditions.

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